Photography B.F.A. Curriculum

The Photography Department offers a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum that is highly attuned to the needs of individual students. Courses are offered in all areas of photographic expression and are designed to inspire and nurture individual creativity, as well as promote visual and conceptual risk-taking. Our diverse faculty represents an outstanding variety of viewpoints, techniques, and approaches to photography. The department's state-of-the-art facilities complement your course work, helping you realize your vision and prepare for a professional life in photography.

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Active Photography Courses
2006 - 2007

Course #                  Title
IIDPH-1220             Introduction to Photography
IIDPH-1240             Intro to Photography: Digital
IIDPH-2215             Taking In: The Best of AIB Photography
IIDPH-3110             Visual Books I
IIDPH-3120             Visual Books II
IIDPH-3590             Exploring New Genres
IPHOT-1200            Foundation Lecture & Lab I
IPHOT-1210            Foundation Lecture & Lab II
IPHOT-1300            Foundation Seminar I
IPHOT-1310            Foundation Seminar II
IPHOT-2001            Sophomore Tutorial
IPHOT-2100            Alternative Processes
IPHOT-2120            Color: Digital
IPHOT-2150            Large Format
IPHOT-2320            Intro to Documentary
IPHOT-2330            Contemporary Trends in Photography
IPHOT-2340            Photo History & Process: 19th Century
IPHOT-2420            Sophomore Seminar
IPHOT-2660            Fashion: The World is Your Studio
IPHOT-2670            Intro to Commercial Photography
IPHOT-2999            Independent Study
IPHOT-3001            Junior Tutorial
IPHOT-3089            Studio Assistantship
IPHOT-3160            Junior Year Portfolio
IPHOT-3201            Color Photography
IPHOT-3310            Portrait: Traditional & Contemporary
IPHOT-3365            Journalism: Photojournalism
IPHOT-3370            Documentary Projects
IPHOT-3390            Photography and Power
IPHOT-3440            Contemporary Concepts: The Constructed Image
IPHOT-3470            Photo Noir
IPHOT-3480            The Critical Eye
IPHOT-3500            Digital Imaging and Manipulation
IPHOT-3510            Digital Media I
IPHOT-3560            Digital Printing I
IPHOT-3565            Fine Digital Photography
IPHOT-3580            The Web As An Art Form
IPHOT-3600            Advanced Printing
IPHOT-3610            Advanced Printing II: Digital
IPHOT-3680            Conceptual Editorial Photography
IPHOT-3700            Landscape & Architecture
IPHOT-3999            Independent Study
IPHOT-4001            Senior Tutorial
IPHOT-4089            Studio Assistantship
IPHOT-4100            Advanced Alternative Processes
IPHOT-4120            Professional Directions
IPHOT-4150            Senior Portfolio I
IPHOT-4160            Senior Portfolio II
IPHOT-4180            Horror in Photography & Film
IPHOT-4200            Contemporary Color Photography
IPHOT-4300            Rites and Celebrations
IPHOT-4530            E-Projects with Dreamweaver & Flash
IPHOT-4660            Professional Studio: Real Life
IPHOT-4880            Internship
IPHOT-4999           Independent Study

Photography Faculty 2006-2007

Christopher James – Chair
Bonnie Robinson
Jane Tuckerman
Christine Collins
Michael Conway
Deborah Davidson
Amanda Gluibizzi
Frank Gohlke
John Goodman
Gretjen Hargesheimer
Cig Harvey
Rick Hornick
Stella Johnson
Margot Kelley
Carmin Karasic
Fred Levy
John Lueders-Booth
Katherine McVety
Lazaro Montano
Arno Minkkenen
Dana Mueller
Matthew Nash
Neil Rennie
Ben Sloat
Joshua Winer
Ken Richardson