AIB's photography program is renowned nationally and internationally for its faculty, intensity, rigor, and for a curriculum that is committed to nurturing its students with a balance of traditional photographic practice and cutting edge contemporary media?all within an intimate and evolving learning environment.

At AIB, you dive right into photography. A unique and intensive Photography Foundation year introduces you to critical, conceptual, historical, and technical studies. The Foundation lab and seminar classes, combined with courses in the humanities, art history, and visual arts, help you approach the medium as a well-informed and articulate artist. This first Photography Foundation year lays the groundwork for further exploration of the techniques, concepts, and practice of traditional and new media in commercial studio, documentary, photojournalism, and fine art photography. From day one, you will be immersed in the multi-faceted world of photographic creativity and expression. At AIB, we encourage you to take visual and conceptual risks so that your work reflects and communicates your unique intentions, interests, and abilities. Our wide-ranging curriculum puts you through the intellectual, artistic, and technical paces so you graduate from AIB with the skills necessary for a rich and rewarding career in photography.

From that concentrated photographic base of your Foundation and sophomore core, you will self-direct into the areas of concentration that enthuse you the most. During your junior and senior years, you will be involved in concentrated portfolio seminars and will round out your curriculum from a far-reaching menu of eclectic options that fine-tune your skills. There is an incredible depth to our class offerings. In one year, you can learn about 19th century alternative processes, professional studio, fine art digital printing, explore the web as an art form, take real life fashion and editorial illustration, and learn how to make artist's books.

Of course, what is most important to us is the photographic artist you will someday become. Given all these influences and support, we want to see how your work evolves and matures. You will work intensively with faculty to build a professional-quality portfolio that will be evaluated by juries of faculty and guest professional artists and photographers. This practice will be accompanied by numerous opportunities to exhibit in the department's student curated Gallery South and for a solo exhibition in the college's senior exhibition spaces. You will also have the opportunity to publish in the annual student best of AIB photography book and class, Taking In.

To help prepare you for the real world, which to us means professional skills and industry contacts, we encourage and assist students in obtaining a wide range of internships. Past internships have included Magnum Picture Agency (NYC & Paris), National Geographic, The Boston Globe, Annie Leibovitz Studio, Joyce Tennyson Studio, OXFAM and UNICEF, the Maine Photographic Workshops, Ken Burns Films, Oxfam America, DeCordova Museum, and Cultural Survival, and The Center for Photographic Arts.

At AIB you will be mentored by 25 photography faculty members who represent a variety of viewpoints, techniques, backgrounds, disciplines, and approaches to the medium. The classes are intimate and these artist/teachers will help you train your eye as well as your mind. AIB's vibrant community of beginning and experienced photographic artists (which includes, of course, you), work and thrive in our state-of-the-art facilities with equipment that provides the tools needed to realize any vision, concept, or inspiration.